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Our Team Has Grown!

Our Team Has Grown!

Turvec are growing. We’re designing, planning and installing more cyclist-focused bicycle racks, shelters and repair stations in the UK than ever before. So, we’ve made two recent additions to our team.

Here’s the lowdown on our new colleagues:

Chris Duthie – Lead Project Manager

With over 5 years of experience in the delivery of construction projects both in his native New Zealand, and here in the UK, Chris is a valuable addition to our team. As our Lead Project Manager, Chris is the main point of contact for clients on all major Turvec projects. In his spare time, Chris regularly plays basketball, and can be found riding his fixie around London.

Jonathan Oldaker – Marketing Manager

With extensive content marketing experience, Jon is our new Marketing Manager. Visiting and testing our new installations, Jon ensures and then showcases Turvec’s product quality. Jon is also our point of contact for marketing opportunities and growth. A keen cyclist and racing fan, you’ll catch Jon out on his road bike whenever possible.

Onboarding during Covid-19

Onboarding new team members remotely isn’t straightforward, but we’ve adapted like everyone else, and it’s been great to see the extra faces on our daily calls. Once it’s safe to do so, we can’t wait to get together as a team. But meanwhile, you’ll still catch us from our kitchens and living rooms.

Despite the challenges of home working, we’ve been able to keep on delivering projects for our clients, with no drop in quality. Strengthening our team means we can continue to deliver more and more projects, and keep on raising the bar for bicycle storage in the UK.

Why Cycling Should Be An Allowed Activity During COVID-19


Why Cycling should Be Added To The List of Allowed Activity During COVID-19


Yes, we’re bored of the coronavirus too. But, if you’re like us, then you’re looking for activities to keep your mind and bodies active – beyond working from home. We need something as relaxing as it can be intense to look forward to every day. That’s why we fully back the British Cycling Chief Executive, Julie Harrington, who wrote to Health Secretary Matt Hancock, in March, to encourage the Government to add cycling to its recommended activities during the current coronavirus outbreak.


Finding your drive and motivation while in isolation can be trying; mostly because we are currently limited on what we can do. Government regulations rightly have us adhere to one exercise trip a day, where we must “stay more than 2 metres from others”. This enforcement could be rendering your run with family or friends that little less social or it could be putting you off altogether.


Adding cycling to the recommended activities will not only allow current cyclists to turn their preferred source of travel into their daily workout, but it would encourage others to do the same. They might be inspired to get out the WD40, give their neglected bikes a once-over, and try out this healthy and sustainable lifestyle choice. If you’re looking for some help on maintenance for a rusty bicycle, then take a look at GCN Tech’s video.


A Healthy, Sustainable and Mindful Choice


Cycling shouldn’t be seen as only a mode of transport, for running medical supplies, emergency travel, or when shopping for necessary food supplies. Cycling is a healthy and sustainable form of exercise which boosts our immune system and helps regulate our mental health while making it easier to stay a safe distance from others. We can also control our level of a challenge making regulating injury easier.


Being in isolation for long periods can have damaging effects on our drive, energy levels and mental health. Even working out at home might not be providing the stimulation your mind and body gets when it’s outside. If you do not have a dog that you can walk each day, or do not find the prospect of a long walk intriguing, then cycling is a way for your daily activity to be outside in the fresh air while staying safe.

Following in Europe’s Footsteps


If Julie Harrington’s advice continues to be adhered to, we wouldn’t be the first country taking these steps and placing cycling at such high importance. In mid-March, Germany’s Minister of Health, Jens Spahn, appealed for people to walk or cycle rather than use public transport. Having a bicycle as our form of work travel, if we can’t work from home, is better for the environment, it regulates our social distancing and reduces the threat of the virus.


However, for countries on full lockdown like Italy, cycling is not permitted. Sadly, if the UK does not start better adhering to government regulations, there could be even more sanctions put in place to keep us safe which would also affect our ability to have the freedom cycling offers.


Taking The Pressure off the NHS


We are all united in our efforts to take the pressure off of our NHS. Therefore, those who do want to take to the streets on their bicycle should adhere to the following:


Dr Kate Hattersley, who works with charity Cycling UK, said in a statement from Cycling Weekly for healthy riders under the age of 70:


“There is no reason for you to stop cycling at present but make sure to do so at a safe distance from others. Visits to cafes and pubs should be avoided to limit exposure to infection. You should carry tissues to use when cycling, disposing of them safely in a bin as soon as possible. If you do visit a food outlet, you must wash your hands before and after visiting, and again on returning home.


“It’s also advisable to wash your cycling gloves, too. Remember to avoid touching your face if your hands are not clean.”


You should also take as much food and water as possible for your ride, to help you avoid having to stop in a shop and make social contact.


For riders over the age of 70, Dr Hattersley said: “The latest advice is to self-isolate at home for the next 12 weeks to protect yourself from infection. Exercise is encouraged but at a safe distance from others. This would permit cycling, but again, avoid visits to pubs and cafes for refreshments. Tissue use and handwashing advice are as above.”


In addition to being mindful about COVID-19, do monitor your body and don’t risk injury. Further strain on the NHS at this time is the last thing we need, and if you’re pushing yourself towards injury right now, stop. Ride within your limits, and enjoy the freedom.


Remotely Working – Fully Operational


While cycling is not banned at this time, only facing social restrictions, we genuinely feel it’s a great way to get out and active. If you think the same then share this post, keep people informed and engaged, and together we’ll get through this.

At Turvec, we can work remotely. We’re doing everything we can to keep ourselves and our customers safe and serviced. If you’re still working on a project and need advice, we’re always on the other end of the phone or webchat.

We Have Moved!

At the start of January 2020 we moved from our old home on Cannon Street to 20 Farringdon Street. After nearly 3 years in 33 Cannon Street we outgrew our space and look forward to exploring our new location. For reference our new address for all meetings and post is:

Turvec Solutions, 3rd Floor,

20 Farringdon Street,

London, EC4A 4BL

Shard Place Cycle Parking

Shard Place is a 26 storey residential tower being constructed next to The Shard. Constructed by MACE the building will comprise of 176 units with 212 Turvec 2ParkUp two-tier bike spaces with gas-lifting, we are additionally installing accessible parking in the form of conventional Sheffield stands. Turvec are delivering this project in 2020.



Which Political Parties Are Backing Cyclists?

With December’s election looming, there has been plenty for politicians to consider within their campaigns and their manifestos. For us, the election pledges around cycling and cyclists, unsurprisingly, are very important. And, while the environment and pollution are increasingly becoming an uncompromising concern for both the public and parties, cycling is a surefire way of reducing pollution and as an effect, increase the happiness and fitness in its uptakers.

With transport – especially in London – participating in high pollution rates, and a higher share in omissions than any other sector, cycling as a healthy alternative must be considered. With this in mind, it is unsurprising that we have seen political parties rally around the idea – some a little more fresh to the concept than others. If you are a voter who is concerned about which party is going to benefit cyclists the most, then we have got a rundown of each of the main parties and their pledges. If you are looking for something more locally based, why not try CyclingUK’s candidate pledge checker? It gives you a way of asking your local candidates to stand up for cyclists. 

Below, you’ll find a summary of each party’s pledges.


The Conservatives are pledging:

  • £350mil cycling infrastructure pledge over five years (£70mil per year)
  • To enforce “tough new design standards” for infrastructure
  • To offer Bikeability training for every primary school child
  • To work towards low-traffic “healthy neighbourhoods”
  • To introduce separated bike lanes on main roads
  • To incentivise GPs to prescribe cycling and bicycles, and £2bn towards the pothole fund.


Labour are pledging:

  • £7.2bn per year investment
  • 3,100 miles of cycleways to be delivered within their first term
  • To provide safe cycling and walking routes to 10,000 primary schools
  • £200 e-bike grants to be made available with hints towards funding support for an “e-bike valley” industrial development
  • To double Bikeability funding to cover all primary school children, secondary school children and adults
  • To back and contribute towards the 2025 biking and walking strategy, and
  • To incentivise GPs to prescribe cycling and bicycles.

Green Party

The Green Party are pledging:

  • £2.5bn a year pledged to cycling and walking over ten years – that would consist of £2bn towards infrastructure and £.5bn for other related measures such as cycle training
  • To work towards the goal of having half of all local (five-mile) trips to be made either by foot or by bike within a decade
  • To provide an “expert body for governance and advice” will support local authority to deliver funds to only high-quality cycle infrastructure
  • To incentivise low traffic neighbourhoods
    commitment to new housing to be served by quality walking, cycling and public transport routes
  • To introduce car-free national park access and car-free city centres.

Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats are pledging:

  • 10 per cent of the transport budget to go towards cycling and walking by the end of five years
  • To give more power to local authorities to make decisions
  • To develop a national strategy to promote cycling and walking
  • The creation of dedicated “safe-cycle” lanes, and to encourage cycling and walking.

Brexit Party

The Brexit Party have not yet released any official pledge towards cycling and walking.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive rundown of each party’s offering with analysis, Laura Laker discusses each party’s pledge in her article: which party’s general election pledges are best for cyclists?

Considerations for voters

Each party is offering something different, and while some have very expansive and detailed plans in regards to cycling and walking, the budget proposed may be a little too hopeful. There is no doubt, the higher the available budget put towards the sector, the better the results have to potential to be. Still, considering the last government fell short of their targets by two-thirds, due to lack of funding, we should not get too carried away.

Another thing to consider is the lack of experience that, in the vast majority of cases, local authorities have when it comes to quality cycle infrastructure. Cycle security such as cycling hubs and two-tier bike racks, or perhaps an increasing demand for electric bike charging stations will undoubtedly rise should policy lead more people to take to the streets on their bicycles. Currently, they are ill-equipped to deal with increased demand, and would more than likely struggle to get started, even if they were handed a higher budget; they need experts. Policies that revolve around getting experts into local authority are welcomed, but finding the personnel and the budget for this has been something past governments have fallen short of. 

Investing in cycling and walking will lead to innovation

If there is one thing we are confident of, it is that by investing more into greener transport, such as cycling and walking, innovation will be a by-product. We should stop seeing electric cars as the only solution to our transport and pollution issues, and start looking at better – manual – ways of travel. Not only will this go to reduce congestion further, but it will reduce the accident, injury and fatality rate on our roads (especially within cities).

With investment also going into making cycling more accessible to everyone, with more investment moving towards e-bikes and adult cycling training – we should see an uplift in easy ways to travel without filling up with petrol each time. If these parties are to stick to their pledges and follow through with their proposed budgets, the future of walking and cycling could really be revolutionised, and fascinating.

Bradwell Street student accommodation cycle racks

Turvec are installing 206 bike parking spaces to new student accommodation on Bradwell Street in East London. Serving Queen Mary University, the development comprises of 412 student rooms in a series of 8-10 storey towers, the bike stores have direct ground level access and are broken into two secure rooms. Turvec’s 2ParkUp two-tier rack was selected for this project as our double-tier solution, within the parking we have also incorporated a mix of Sheffield stands to provide accessible parking for all bike types.

Birmingham build to rent bike storage

Turvec have secured the contract to fit out all cycle parking for the Lansdowne in Birmingham. Our design team worked with Building Design Group and Interserve Construction on the layouts to ensure all spaces were accommodated in a combination of bike parking types, taking into account low ceilings and services throughout the bike stores.

The 18 storey, 206 apartment building is one of Birmingham’s first build-to-rent schemes to be completed, the offering includes premium bike storage, a private lounge and a gym. 206 bike spaces will be delivered across two bike stores in a mix of single & double-tier bike racks, and vertical bike storage.

IBOMBO visit the UK!

Turvec are the exclusive distributor for IBOMBO’s product range in the UK & Ireland. IBOMBO manufacture a range of bike repair stations, pumps and maintenance products, supplied across Europe.

IBOMBO visited Turvec’s London HQ in June this summer to extend our partnership by a further 3 years and visit some of our UK installations and a bike tour of London. Paulina Nowicka, Operations Director at IBOMBO said the following ‘we are very pleased to extend our partnership with Turvec in the UK market, we have a number of exciting products in development and look forward to continuing to supply our quality bike maintenance solutions through Turvec Solutions’.



Southeastern Cycle Hubs Secured

Turvec have been awarded the contract for the bike parking in the new cycle hubs at Tonbridge and Orpington for Southeastern Railway.

Over 400 bike parking spaces will be installed in the two hubs, with predominantly 2ParkUp two tier racks. The hubs will also incorporate accessible parking stands for non-standard bicycles, creating a fully accessible facility for cycle-rail commuters, this allocation for larger and recumbent style bicycles was an important requirement as a significant number of double-tier racking is being installed. Bike pumps and maintenance stations have been incorporated to provide cyclists with workstations to tune and make repairs to their bicycles, an important consideration for the overall operation of the hub and reduce numbers of abandoned bikes.

The hub at Tonbridge will include our unique E-Bike charging points built into the secure locking bar of the 2ParkUp. Around 2% of all bicycle spaces include a charging facility, the design of the 2ParkUp allows for charging points to be retro-fitted into existing racks, allowing Southeastern to increase numbers and keep up with future demand and the expected growth in e-bikes.

We are excited to be delivering our first cycle-rail projects in partnership with Southeastern, the first phase will be completed late summer 2018.

Turvec Cycle Hub Rail Cycle Hub Render Turvec Cycle Hub Design Turvec

Adelphi Wharf Cycle Stores

Adelphi wharf is a a riverside development of 593 units by Fortis Developments in Salford. Turvec have been contracted by Beaumont Morgan to install the bike parking stores to service the apartments. Working within reduced ceiling heights double-tier parking was not an option for this project, calculating based on the size of a bicycle, and the stagger required to reduce parking centres to 375mm, a two-tier rack requires 2600mm of clear height.

Any height clearance lower than 2600mm dictates that single-tier bike racks are the only option, Turvec are installing the required number of bike storage spaces using single level parking only at Adelphi wharf.

East Street Southampton Bike Parking

East Street is a 423 unit student accommodation scheme in central Southampton. Turvec have been working closely with Galliford Try for several months developing a number of design proposals to achieve the high bike parking numbers required within the allocated bike stores.

Considering both double tier and single level bike parking solutions, the 2ParkUp two-tier bike rack was the favoured solution by the end client due to its high-density and user-friendly gas lifting system. We were able to deliver the required planning numbers using a combination of exterior sheltered parking internal bike stores, without compromise on the usability or loading distances of the cycle storage.


5 year Klaver Fietsparkeren contract extension

Turvec have been working with Klaver Fietsparkeren, our Dutch manufacturing partner since February 2016. Klaver are the manufacturers of the 2ParkUp two-tier cycle rack, installed in tens of thousands of spaces internationally across rail networks, public spaces, universities, schools and new developments.

We are pleased to announce that our exclusive distribution contract has been extended by a further 5 years. Chiel Grevers, commercial manager for Klaver Fietsparkeren said the following ‘Turvec have been an excellent partner over the last two years, and we are delighted to extend this agreement and further strengthen our working relationship’.

Christmas Study Tour

The Turvec team visited Copenhagen for our 2017 Christmas party, a great opportunity to get on bikes and explore Danish cycling culture.

Copenhagen has an impressive cycling modal share, 62% choose to cycle to work or university. As part of our trip we cycled across Dronning Louise Bridge at rush-hour, this is one of the busiest cycle routes in the world, over 48,400 bicycles cross every day. An enjoyable end to a successful year, we look forward to 2018!

Carpenters Wharf Two-Tiers

Carpenters Wharf is a canal side development of apartments in Fish Island by Constable Homes. We worked with Studio Egret West on the three bicycle stores across this site to develop and install space-efficient and functional bicycle parking for both residents and visitors.

Turvec moves house

In August we relocated our London base to 4th floor 33 Cannon St. This move marked a major milestone for Turvec moving from our hot-decking base in East London to our own space in the City.

We still have a base in Mid-Wales, and our storage and operations facility continues to be based in Welshpool. Feel free to pop in and see us at our new address!

Ebury Bridge Centre cycle racks

Ebury Bridge centre is a mixed use development combining education facilities sponsored by the University of Westminster and residential units from Taylor Wimpey central London. The development features an eleven storey residential tower with one, two and three-bedroom apartments and a new 56,000 sq ft University Technical College (UTC). The site features 121 bicycle parking spaces.

Turvec were appointed to re-design the cycle stores across the residential building and the UTC, our design proposal service was utilised to improve a basic and impractical layout to a more functional solution with the 2ParkUp two-tier rack and additional cycling amenities such as accessible parking and locking bars to store unused locks. We completed this installation in early August.

Turvec bring IBOMBO to the UK

Turvec recently became the UK distributor for IBOMBO bicycle pumps and repair stations. Since our collaboration began in March this year, we have supplied repair stations and pumps to: Northamptonshire County Council, Sheffield City Council, Castle Point Council, The Office for National Statistics, Savills, Workman LLP, AKP Scotland to name a few.

Providing additional amenity for cyclists in the form of a maintenance station or bicycle pump is a great addition to any space that cyclists will occupy, and Turvec have installed units in city centres, offices and residential cycle stores.

We recently visited IBOMBO in Poland, and look forward to continuing our relationship with their team over the coming years.

Lyon Square Redrow Homes

Lyon Square is Redrow’s residential-led, mixed use development of luxury apartments in Harrow, London. 309 high specification 1, 2 and 3 bedroom homes located just 25 minutes from Kings Cross.

Turvec have been appointed to deliver circa 114 metres of secure caging for 432 cycles across the basement level of the 8 tower development. We have been working alongside Redrow and CZWG  for several months to develop proposals for the secure cycle parking. Turvec were approached to provide a Secured by Design accredited solution, whilst also ensuring usable and accessible cycle stores were available for residents of the 309 apartments.

University of Essex cycle parking

With cycling to campus increasing in popularity at the University of Essex, the number of cycle parking spaces was insufficient to satisfy the increasing demand. Turvec have been selected to supply and install 194 new cycle parking spaces under shelters at the University of Essex’s Colchester campus.

The installation will feature Turvec’s high-specification, gas-assisted 2ParkUp two-tier rack. The system was selected due to its tested durability and user-friendlily lift assist, providing a high-capacity cycle parking facility that is accessible and safe for all students to use. The 2ParkUp is tested to 20,000 movements and independently accredited with FietsParKeur ensuring that the racks will provide secure storage for many years to come.

The 2ParkUp racks will be housed under our WaveUp cycle shelters to provide weather protection for the parked bikes. Our design team have been working with the University for several months developing proposals following site surveys. CAD layouts and 3D visualisations for a number of potential locations across the campus were presented to the University before finalising a layout and location.

Modeshift Convention

Early November saw the Modeshift ‘access all areas’ conference in Sheffield City Hall. The two day event featured a series of keynotes and audience focused seminars, alongside an exhibition for Modeshift partners and The National Sustainable Travel Awards 2016.

Modeshift received 58 entries across the 9 categories for this years awards, and the winners included a diverse spectrum of creative projects from across the UK. The broad range of entries from this years awards are testament to the work put in by Local Authorities and the progress made towards furthering sustainable travel in the UK. A full list of this years winners and runners up can be found here on the Modeshift website.

We thoroughly enjoyed this years conference and look forward to catching up with Modeshift members at the 2017 regional meetings.

The Dutch Quarter Colchester

Turvec recently provided cycle parking for a new development in Colchester. The Dutch Quarter’s 51 high quality apartments have been designed to bring London style living to the centre of Colchester. Bicycle storage was required with short lead times, and we satisfied the developer’s requirements with secure and cost-effective cycle toast racks.

Developed by SB2 Property, James Struth Director said the following ‘thanks to Turvec for supplying the bicycle racks for the Dutch Quarter Apartments, we received a great service and product. Looking forward to using you for our future developments‘.

Award winning business

Over the past month Turvec has attended a number of award ceremonies in our localities of Wales and Essex. We were shortlisted as Wales Services Start-Up of the year, Powys Start-Up Business 2016 and as finalists for the Essex Big Business Boost.

We are delighted to announce that Turvec won the ‘one to watch award’ at the Wales Start-Up awards in Cardiff, the evening celebrated the successes of new companies across Wales and we are thrilled to have been recognised by the experienced judging panel.

CALA Homes at Great Kneighton

Turvec have been selected by CALA Homes to deliver the cycle parking for their Great Kneighton development in Cambridge. CALA are developing a collection of 29 two bedroom contemporary apartments and a number of 3, 4 and 5 bedroom houses.

Our team have worked closely with CALA to develop the cycle stores across this project. The development required a variety of solutions including Secured by Design compliant cycle storage. In total Turvec are installing 146 cycle parking spaces using a combination of semi-vertical racks, Sheffield stands and secure cycle lockers.

Wave cycle shelters with timber cladding were also selected for this development to provide sheltered parking outside the luxury apartments. Specifically for this project we adapted our standard Wave design to accommodate CALA’s timber specification for better integration with the contemporary development.

Exhibiting at Cycle City Active City

Turvec exhibited at Cycle City Active City last week in Leicester.

Held annually, Cycle City is a leading conference and exhibition for organisations seeking to encourage sustainable means of travel. This included presentations from high profile individuals and a range of 150 exhibitors from across the sustainable transport industry.

Over 800 delegates attended the two day event, and we were pleased to meet people from many different organisations. The event provided a great opportunity to showcase our user-friendly, high-capacity racking systems to local authorities and transport professionals from across the country.

Workplace cycle parking

Recent Cambridge University research claims that 85% of cycling increase can be attributed to new infrastructure. Their findings state new, efficient cycle routes with fewer junctions led to a quicker overall journey time for commuters.

Both our Chelmsford and Mid Wales offices now have Turvec cycle parking outside. Pictured below are galvanised Turvec sheffield stands at our Chelmsford office, and our unique Cobra cycle rack at the Mid-Wales office.

For workplace travel plans, or further information on encouraging sustainable methods of travel, take a look at the website of our partner Modeshift, or click here for the journey planner on the Modeshift Stars website.  Information on the Government’s cycle to work scheme can be found here

Cycle Storage Lockers Near London Liverpool Street

If you’ve just arrived in London Liverpool Street station and you need to drop off a bike – either due to work or because the next part of your commute uses the underground, you’ll want to know your bikes secure.

We’ve got your back. In 2016, we were pleased to install cycle lockers for a new development in E1, a short walk from London Liverpool Street station. Here’s the exact location.

Bike Pump and Repair Locations

Enclosed Security Where You Need It

Our cycle lockers are constructed from heavy-duty steel with a drill and pick-resistant lock to ensure your bicycle is secure once stored.

If you require further information on our range of secure cycle lockers, do not hesitate to contact us.

Mamba cycle racks in the UK

The first Mamba cycle racks have arrived in the UK and are out for delivery. This unique design gives greater support for a bicycle than a sheffield stand, and the heavy duty steel tube loop provides a secure locking point for a bicycle’s front wheel and frame.

Certified by Fietsparkeur, this system is a contemporary, bicycle-friendly alternative to a toast rack, the high-low design ensures handlebars do not clash and that the maximum number of bicycle parking spaces are fit into any space.

Turvec in tandem with Klaver

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Klaver Fietsparkeren. In January a formal agreement was reached for the exclusive distribution of Klaver’s advanced cycle parking solutions in the UK and Ireland.

With over thirty years experience of the Dutch cycle parking industry, this partnership further strengthens our innovative approach and allows us to offer a wider range of solutions, including a highly advanced two tier parking system.

Klaver are continuously developing to produce innovative, space efficient and user friendly products. Chiel Grevers, Commercial Manager at Klaver said the following ‘We strongly believe in our high quality products and personal approach to customers, in our first meeting we already had a positive feeling as Turvec shared our philosophy in that. Rupert Harvey-Scholes and George Hosegood have proven to be able to set-up a successful company together before, their ambition and passion gave us no doubts to proceed with Turvec as our exclusive distributor for the UK and Ireland’.

Working together over the coming years will compliment our continuous development, delivering-forward thinking products to raise the standard of cycle parking in the UK.

Turvec Partnership with Modeshift

We are delighted to announce our official partnership with Modeshift, the UK’s leading sustainable travel organisation.

Modeshift aims to be the centre of excellence for the promotion of sustainable travel choices in education, workplace and community settings by raising standards of industry delivery. Ultimately Modeshift works with its members and partners in striving towards a world in which communities are free to make healthy and sustainable travel choices where active travel is seen as the norm.

We are looking forward to working alongside Modeshift in the field of bicycle parking, solving problems through the delivery of our unique storage solutions. We hope that through our partnership, Turvec products will help to further the growth of sustainable travel in the UK.