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Street Furniture

Yes, contact our team for further information and a quotation.
Both our timber and steel are durably built to withstand year-round weather. Choose either timber or steel to complement your design.
Yes, the product is delivered and assembled ready for installation.
Yes, all of our timber is 100% FSC-certified
Yes, two layers of powder coating are included as standard on all relevant steel products.
Yes, but this will result in an increased cost over standard sizes, contact our team.
Flat, level and appropriate concrete foundations are required for installation.


At Turvec we are proud of our work, we are happy to arrange visits to existing installations to demonstrate our products.
We offer site visits where appropriate and required. Please contact us to arrange.
For 1-2 units of bike repair stations/pumps, E-Bike stations, & Scooter docks we recommend ordering online, however you can contact us for a quote if this is preferred.  For all other products or projects we recommend contacting us for a quotation to ensure you receive appropriate advice and pricing for your project.
Turvec’s products are compliant with UK & EU standards where applicable. We work with a third party compliance company to ensure our guidance is always up to date.
The O&M manual issued following installation provides information on how to maintain our products. During or after your warranty period you can contact Turvec for further information.
All Turvec products include a warranty which will be issued following installation.
We offer free of charge design layouts to optimise the available space for cyclists, please contact our team for assistance.


Turvec work with an external Health and Safety company, we are members of Constructionline, Builders Profile, CHAS, SMAS & CQMS. Risk Assessments and Method Statements are provided before every installation.
Following installation, we will provide you with a detailed warranty and O&M manual.  
Installation and carriage are priced based on quantities and location. Please contact our team for a quotation.
Turvec delivers to any location in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. Delivery is calculated and charged separately from the product cost.
Turvec provide an installation service for all of our products in both the UK and Ireland. We can also deliver supply only orders. Installation is calculated and charged separately from the product cost.

Two-Tier Bike Storage

A two-tier is best used where a high capacity of cycle parking is required. We always reccommend including a percentage of Sheffield stands to ensure all bike types are accommodated. For small installations (30 bikes or less) consider a single tier or vertical bike rack.
The vast majority of standard bike types are compatible, but for larger cargo style bikes and recumbents, we would always recommend including a Sheffield stand space within the overall design.
Pull out the upper tray towards you using the rubber handles, then lower the rack, and securely lock your bicycle. Lift the rack, and finally roll back into place. The gas spring supports the weight of the bike when lifting and loading. See our Youtube video for a demonstration.
A gas spring is an essential health & safety feature for double stacked bicycle racks. Without it, they are unsafe, and require significant strength to operate the upper tier. The gas spring supports lifting the rack with the bicycle in place and prevents the upper tier from falling to ground level.
We recommend a minimum ceiling clearance of 2600mm, with a loading distance of minimum 2000mm.
We recommend a minimum ceiling clearance of 2600mm. This allows the maximum possible variety of bicycles to be used in the system.

Bicycle Shelters and Enclosures

There are a range of different lock options, such as digital cylinders with tags/keyfobs, or smartphone access. Get in touch with us for availability.
No, we do not run subscription services for our cycle hangars
Yes, we can powder coat the hangar to a range of RAL colours
shelterYes, very limited maintenance is required on a sedum roof, this will be detaild in the O&M supplied following installation. Biodiverse roofs require more proactive maintenance due to the variety of species.
Sedum roofs are sedum only, biodiverse roofs include a number of species to help boost and support biodiversity. This requires greater maintenance and structural support for biodiverse roofs.
Green roof shelters have a larger structural load tolerance than our standard shelters to accommodate the additional weight of the green roof. Shelters will also have a deeper roof structure to accommodate the plants. All Turvec Cubic shelters can be installed with a green living roof.
The Cubic is available gated with an internal access aisle for bike parking, multi gated with no internal aisle for direct access to bike parking, and open access with no gates for ease of access.
The Cubic is a modular system, and we will price based on our modules to suit your requirement. The Cubic modules are based firstly on which rack or stand is used. We will accommodate bespoke requests in some circumstances, please get in touch to discuss.

Bike Racks & Stands

Cargo bicycles can be parked on any Sheffield stand providing there is correct spacing between stands.
Yes, Sheffield stands, with adequate spacing and loading area, are ideal for parking non-standard cycles for disabled and accessible cycle parking. Ensure you space stands correctly to accommodate larger cycles. See our guidance from Wheels for Wellbeing on accessible parking here.
Creating low cost, easy access bike parking quickly. Schools, Universities and hospitals are common customer types for toast racks.
Yes, toast racks are designed ot be surface mounted only.
Toast racks are easy and fast to install due to the fixed rails that the stands are mounted into.
We recommend a minimum ceiling clearance of 2600mm. This allows the maximum possible variety of bicycles to be used in the system.

Bike Repair Station & Pump

Yes, our bike repair station is suitable in coastal areas, but to prolong the lifespan we recommend considering the stainless steel variant and the door to secure tools and protect from salt erosion.
Yes, the unit is built to withstand the UK weather all year round. Lubricating tools every once in a while will extend the lifespan of the unit even further.


We offer folding bike lockers in a single size which is based of a Brompton bicycle. Larger folding bike designs will not fit in our lockers. The lockers are available in 1, 2 & 3 compartment stack variants.
Folding bike lockers provide purpose build storage for Bromptons and fold up cycles. This offers a great solution in small spaces.

Spares Packs

No, all tools are included on the station as standard, however if you are installing the unit in a high risk area where you are potentially concerned about vandalism of theft, it may sensible to hold spare tools in stock.

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