December 31, 2017

Why 2600mm? Two Tier Bike Racks

By George Hosegood

The minimum requirement for any two-tier bicycle rack should always be 2600mm of clear height. This dimension is based on the size of a bicycle. We allow the internationally recognised size of a 1200mm tall bicycle, this accounts for larger sizes of bikes, ensuring any cyclist can park any bicycle in all available parking spaces.

“We allow the internationally recognised size of a 1200mm tall bicycle”

Stack one bicycle on top of another directly, and this equates to 2400mm of height, however, the design of two-tier parking racks incorporates a high-low stagger on both the upper and lower tiers, this stagger is to prevent handlebars clashing when creating a closer centre to centre distance between bicycles.

This stagger distance must be a minimum of 200mm in order to avoid clashes of handlebars and ensure access. When this 200mm stagger is accounted for, the end result is a minimum headroom requirement of 2600mm.

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