January 12, 2022
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Turvec Guide To Fencing, Caging & Partitions

By Jonathan Oldaker

Fencing, caging, and partitions provide cost-effective ways of adding an extra level of security to cycle parking.

Coupled with good lighting and CCTV, you can create secure cycle parking with many of the same benefits as enclosed shelters and compounds.

Partitions and fencing can be applied to a wide range of projects – including basement car park areas, bin stores, and bespoke outdoor areas.

We’ve included all the relevant information on dimensions, bike racks, and the projects most suited to fencing products. Putting this into practice, you can find a case study explaining the ins and outs of the design and installation process.

Flexible, modular dimensions

Thanks to its modular design, fencing can be designed for around your own bespoke project dimensions. The panel and post system is adaptable for a range of site conditions and site constraints.

For example, L-shaped designs where bike racks are against two walls make a lockable compound. Similarly, non-standard shaped outdoor or basement areas with pillars and other obstructions benefit from the post and panel design of fencing and caging.

Where space is limited, using the right racks in combination with fencing can maximise the available capacity of the bike store.

A wide variety of applications

Our post and panel fencing systems work within a range of applications, including, but not limited to:

  • Basement partitioning
  • Car park areas
  • Bin & refuse store integration
  • Bespoke outdoor bike stores

With all cycle parking projects, the primary considerations focus on the number of bike spaces required, coupled with factors such as security and usability for the end-user.

Fencing can be installed with all our bike racks, providing the ceiling height is tall enough for two-tier systems.

Finishes to suit any project

Our fencing and caging products are available in a range of finishes, including timber clad, mesh, louvred, and grated. This means that it’s possible to match to the existing site finish.

The Turvec fencing products include:

Secure bike parking: Gates, locks, and lighting

To ensure the facility is secure, gates with either key-pad, key-card, or key-turn provide individual access for staff and visitor passes.

Adding LED lighting to fencing, especially in underground basements, not only has security benefits but will help brighten the bike store.

CCTV and other additional security systems can also be incorporated into the bike store.

As with all shelters, compounds, and fencing enclosures, there is flexibility to add bike repair stations, kit lockers, and wayfinding. These not only help promote the facility to staff, but repair stations will help prevent abandoned bikes and greatly benefit those opting to cycle to work.


Case Study: Cromwell Hospital

For Cromwell Hospital in West London, we designed and installed new fencing and bike racks helped increase both capacity and security.

The site is a good example of a parking area with limited outdoor expansion available – the hospital has no room for a car park or bike shelter.

The old bike racks were well-used and often over-full, impeding the passageway for pedestrians and wheelchair users.

In a shaded area of the building – underneath and overhang and surrounded by walls – it was not as secure as it could be, either.

By removing the existing racks and installing new higher-density, cyclist-friendly two-tier racks and semi-vertical racks, we were able to increase the capacity from 28 to 50 spaces.

The cycle caging surrounding the racks not only adds vastly improved security for staff – the gates have both integrated keycard access and a digi-lock keypad – but it ensures pedestrian access remains clear on the walkway.

For more information about featured Turvec installations, visit our Projects page.

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