Timber Slat Fencing

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Timber Slat Fencing

Our timber hardwood fencing is an adaptable option for partitioning and the creation of secure cycle parking enclosures. The cladding is a softer alternative to steel caging.

  • Modular fencing system
  • Variety of finishing options
  • Secure any number of cycles
  • Works with all Turvec bike racks and stands

Contact us to visit an installation.

Wooden cycle fencing product details

  • Variety of gate and locking options
  • Any length or bike numbers
  • Installation service
  • Timber cladding
  • Outdoor or indoor

Timber slat fencing installation

Our range of fencing and caging is assembled on site and delivered as timber panels, posts and gate. Posts are base plate fixed into the surface for internal installations and externally are surface mounted or root fixed.

Accommodating any number of bikes

Modular design allows the fencing system to work within a wide range of site conditions and constraints. When designing any cycle compound, it is best to consider the capacity requirements of the bike parking first. Our systems work with all Turvec bike racks and stands. Timber slat fencing and other caging options can then be made to best fit the store. Contact us for assistance with planning and layout requirements.