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Benefits of a public bicycle repair station

Benefits of a public bicycle repair station

Cycling has never been so accessible in the UK, and recently significant improvements have been made such as segregated cycle superhighways and increased secure cycle parking facilities. These are positive steps towards a more cycle-friendly society, but what provisions are being made for cyclists that run into mechanical difficulties on their journey?

Public bicycle repair stations provide a fixed platform for cyclists to re-inflate tyres, tune bikes and make repairs whilst away from home. Installing these stations along popular routes improves the reliability of cycling as a mode of transport or recreational activity. Cyclists can be confident that if they get a puncture facilities are nearby for the necessary repairs.

Repair stands incorporate a range of tools such as screwdrivers, tyre levers and chain tools. Some stations include an integrated pump, with other stations offering a separate standalone pump, with almost all including a pressure gauge. Public pumps are far more user-friendly and quicker alternative to portable bike pumps.

A repair station makes a strong statement about a ‘cycle-friendly’ workplace, city or community.