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Dutch bike storage facilities – The future?

Dutch bike storage facilities – The future?

The Dutch are often referenced as world leaders in cycling, 84% of people in the Netherlands own at least one bicycle and more than one-quarter of all trips made are by bicycle. In relation to bike storage facilities, the Dutch are certainly setting the precedent in terms of the scale of their bike parking numbers.

Utrecht, a city where over 40% of short journeys are taken by bicycle has the world’s largest bike ‘garage’ with 12,500 parking spaces. As a comparison, the UK’s largest bicycle hub has capacity for around 3,000 parking spaces at Cambridge Station.

Another example of the cycle parking investment found in the Netherlands is seen in the City of Zaandam. A purpose-built ‘Fietsenpakhuis’, or ‘bicycle warehouse’, was developed to further encourage cycling to the city centre by bicycle, the impressive structure houses 700 bicycles. Turvec’s partner company, Klaver Fietsparkeren delivered this project for the City, installing the 2ParkUp two-tier bike rack.

Often photographed, a prominent facility is found at Amsterdam Centraal Station, a common location for tourists to enter the City. This multi-tiered bike park rises above the canals and services the rail station and surrounding area.

Nationally we are seeing a trend towards Dutch style, two-tier focused cycle hub facilities, increasing both the capacities and quality of bike storage in the UK. When planning larger bike stores, it is important to consider that UK and Dutch cyclists have different needs, and with a greater requirement for security, and a larger variety of bicycle types and sizes being ridden in the UK, this should always be considered to ensure a fully-functioning bike park.