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Bike parking space dimensions

Bike parking space dimensions

UK bicycles vary significantly in size and style. Working from our recommended dimensions will provide a safe and usable space to park bicycles of all shapes and sizes.

Length – 1800mm  Handlebar allowance – 750mm

When planning a bicycle store using space-saving racks such as our Cobra or 2ParkUp, the rack provides clearly defined parking spaces, and there are no concerns over whether enough space has been allocated (see our previous blog posts on required dimensions for these systems for more information).

However if Sheffield stands are being used in the cycle store, one must consider the dimensions required between each parking space. One bicycle can be parked either side of a single Sheffield stand.

We recommend 1000mm between each Sheffield stand for maximum usability. However, the London Cycling Design Standards from TFL increase this to 1200mm, and this may be appropriate in some circumstances. In some private cycle stores it may be acceptable to reduce this distance, and a toast rack will usually feature a distancing less than 1000mm.

Every circumstance is different, contact us for more information or DWG blocks to aid in planning a cycle store.