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Quality lockers for End-of-Trip facilities

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Our laminate kit lockers are ideal for changing rooms within end-of-trip facilities and bike stores.

A wide range of finish options, from z-locker variations and a wide range of colours and wood-effect finishes, means we can produce lockers to match your exact requirements.

The durable, high quality locker can be included next to shower cubicles, but within dry rooms only, with optional numbering and lock finishes to complete the project.

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Why Choose Turvec LUOVA Lockers?

Clean, customisable design that is durably built and efficiently installed.

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Fully laminate board body and door

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Dimensions are customisable

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Bench or plinth mounted locker units

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2-5 locker compartments per stack

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Range of standard lock and colour options

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Z lockers available

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What configurations is the Luova locker available in?

The Luova is available in a vast array of conbinations and can be suited to any requirement. Contact our team for assistance with your project.

What are the finish options?

We use Swiss Krono for our laminate board. The swiss Krono website provides a list of their colour options.

Can I install my own locks?

Yes, Turvec can price and supply locks or the lockers can be supplied lock free to integrated your own system.

Are Luova lockers suitable for wet and dry areas?

Luova lockers can be psositioned adjacent to shower cubicles, however we do not reccommend this locker for wet rooms or swimming pools. If a wet room locker is required please contact our team and we can provide an alternative solution.

Are these lockers available in Z locker format?

Yes, Luova lockers are available in multi compartment stacks or Z lockers.

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Speak to the experts

Send us layouts and dimensions and we will produce drawings and products which work for your cycle parking requirements.

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