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Tonbridge Railway Station

Secure Access | Year: 2020 | Sector: Rail


280 cycle parking spaces for a state of the art cycle hub at Tonbbridge Station. Turvec provided 260 2ParkUp racks, 20 accessible spaces with Sheffield stands and a bike repair station to complete the installation.

Delivery team:

Tito Vidotto Tito Vidotto
Rupert Harvey-Scholes Rupert Harvey-Scholes

Design team:

Paul Bergman Paul Bergman
Liam Carroll Liam Carroll


  • Secure cycle hub for 280 cycles
  • Access control
  • Bike repair station & pump
  • Accessible parking


  • 2ParkUp – gas lifting, secure locking points, Fietsparkeur certified
  • Bike repair station & pump
  • Sheffield stands

Two Tier Bike Rack

Public Bike Repair Stand & Pump

Sheffield Bike Stand

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