September 18, 2018

Mastering Indoor Vertical Bike Storage

By George Hosegood

Indoor vertical bike storage is achieved by hanging the bicycle on a wall or frame inside a public or domestic building.

The purpose of this is to reduce the depth of a parked bicycle to its height only, allowing storage in smaller spaces. We’ve put together some advice and tips to help you get it right.

Vertical bike racks are available in several designs, from simple wall hooks to secure units with rubber supports and locking points.

When specifying a vertical bike rack, consider the following:


Will it be secure and support heavy or thicker locks?

In a communal bike store this is vital, how can a bike be locked to the rack? Is there a locking point or easy access for a D-lock to the bicycle frame?

Even though the cycle will be inside, it doesn’t mean it will be secure without locking. Consider the thickness of the steel used in construction.

Is it easily usable inside?

How easy is it for a cyclist to park their bicycle in the rack? Are there wheel guides? How much lifting is required? Will the rack support larger or heavier bicycles? Does the design allow for the parking of bikes with mudguards?

Remember, with an indoor vertical bike rack reasonable adjustments might have to be made for commercial settings and domestic.

While these racks are designed to save space by placing cycles in an upright position, ensuring cycles can easily be manoeuvred into the wrack and locked with ease should be a consideration.

Will they offer the best bicycle support?

The basic vertical bike rack designs can damage bicycle wheels or scratch the forks, designs which protect a bicycle with rubber supports or that cradle the wheel rather than the frame are preferable.

Keeping these considerations in mind when considering dimensions and space available goes a long way to ensuring the cycle is homed safely, without scratching or damage occurring.

Installation and spacing

Is the wall or framing suitable for the installation of a rack and supporting the weight of parked bicycles? You can check out required dimensions for most cycle parking in another of our blog posts.

Looking for indoor vertical bike storage designed and installed by seasoned veterans?

Should you need any assistance with the design or installation of your indoor or outdoor vertical bike storage, we’d be happy to help.

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