February 29, 2016

New two tier design!

George Turvec

By George Hosegood

We strive to offer unique, innovative and user friendly cycle parking products that can be tailored to suit a clients situation.

Turvec’s two tier rack is now available in a third variant, the 2ParkUp Clicker. The 2ParkUp range is fundamentally the same product, however we have developed different systems to secure the bicycle to the upper tier that ensure ease of use in different environments.

The 2ParkUp Clicker is our most recent development, this design ensures that a bicycle is quickly and securely held in place during loading. The movement of the user pushing the wheels through the clicker will prevent the bicycle from rolling back. This system was designed to lower the chance of incorrect loading of the top tier in busy environments where parking may be rushed, such as a train station.

Our two tier bike rack is a flexible system, and can be adapted to increase parking capacity in nearly any environment. We offer a full site plan service to get the most out of any space, contact us for further information on this range, or a project proposal.

Clicker Support Bike Rack
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Turvec Clicker Support Cycles

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