January 06, 2023
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Turvec Are Now Proudly Carbon Neutral

By Jonathan Oldaker

Furthering our commitment to sustainability, Turvec can proudly announce that we have achieved Carbon Neutral after working with Planet Mark.

It marks an important step in our commitment to reducing our impact on the planet through ongoing measurement, target-driven carbon reductions, and investment in accredited carbon offsetting schemes. For 2023, we will work to understand what we can do to reduce further carbon emissions in our broader supply chain by working with suppliers and partners.

Active travel is a driving force for change both in terms of improving the health of our society, and reducing carbon emissions. Cycle parking forms a crucial part of active travel infrastructure, helping many more people confidently cycle.

Alongside the measurement of our company’s carbon footprint, helping to successfully improve active travel infrastructure is an important cornerstone of our business.


Cutting our carbon footprint with Planet Mark

Planet Mark is an internationally recognised sustainability certification. The certification recognises continuous improvement, encourages action and builds an empowered community of like-minded individuals who make a world of difference.

To achieve Carbon Neutral status, we were required to measure, offset, and create a plan to reduce our carbon emissions for scopes 1 & 2 of our business emissions. Scope 1 & 2 cover direct emissions such as office and travel.

At Turvec, we are aware the majority of our emissions are indirect, and created through our supply chain. From 2023 we are measuring our total emissions, including indirect emissions through scope 3, and we are working with our supply chain to reduce this footprint and create a plan towards Net Zero.

We will also continue to work with Ecologi to support tree planting schemes and sustainable energy schemes globally, as well as carbon offsetting.


What’s next?

Achieving carbon neutrality is an amazing achievement, but ultimately we want to continue to work towards making a positive difference. This comes both through our own processes of reducing indirect carbon output throughout our supply chain, and by helping to influence change through the promotion of active travel schemes and facilities.

Turvec recognises and understands that the construction industry is a major contributor to global carbon emissions. Working with our manufacturing partners is important for making an even greater difference by choosing sustainably produced materials, and creating more factories running on cleaner energy.

We view our role to supply the best possible products, and to design cycle parking facilities that work for every user. With efficient, long-lasting, and easy-to-use active travel facilities, we know that more people will be enabled to choose active travel.

Turvec are accredited by

Turvec Solutions is accredited with a number of industry certifications in relation to Health and Safety, competence and security. We are registered on all major procurement websites.