August 19, 2016

Space efficient bike storage – what are the options?

By George Hosegood

When faced with limited space for new cycle parking, options are limited. However there are a number of solutions available to store bikes in small spaces and finding the right solution is dependant on the individual space.


This space-saving solution doubles the cycle storage capacity of an area, occupying half the floor space of traditional cycle racks. If a system with gas-assisted lifting is selected, it will be just as user-friendly as a conventional storage. Two-tier systems can only be considered when the area has sufficient loading distance and height requirements.

Semi-vertical racks

Semi-vertical racks position bikes at an angle against a wall. This system saves some floor space over sheffield stands or toast racks, and allows bikes to be stored in narrower areas. Please note when selecting a semi-vertical system that the user must bear the entire weight of their bicycle when loading the rack.

Wall mounted racks

There are several wall mounted racking systems available, these vary in sophistication from simple front wheel hooks to lockable systems that pivot on hinges to save even more space.

Before selecting a wall rack, consider whether a locking point is necessary for the area you are positioning the bikes, is it a public or private space? Who will have access? Again the user must bear the weight of their bicycle, so please take this into consideration.

High-capacity racks

Other racking systems such as the Turvec Cobra offer a space-saving benefit over a standard toast rack specification. If possible, consider a double-sided Cobra layout to fully maximise available space.

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