August 25, 2016

Required dimensions for a double stacked cycle rack?

George Turvec

By George Hosegood

Two-tier systems double the parking capacity of an area, occupying half the floor space usually required by single level stands or racks.

It is not one size fits all, as each system varies the area in question must have the correct sizing requirements to accommodate a double decker parking system.

Floor to ceiling height

  • This is dictated by the size of the bicycles being stacked in the system. UK bikes are smaller than Dutch style bicycles, and a comfortable guide size is between 1050mm and 1100mm tall.
  • For a UK installation, a clearance of 2600mm is the minimum for most systems, but in order to future proof the installation and to ensure larger bikes can be accommodated a recommended height is 2750mm.
  • Remember to account for any services that may intrude along the ceiling of the store.

Loading dimensions

  • Two tier systems require a greater loading distance than single level cycle storage. Space must be allocated for the lowering of the upper tray, and then the loading of the bicycle onto that tray.
  • A recommended loading distance around 2100mm, this can be reduced to 1800mm in certain circumstances, dependant on the size of the store and the number of rows. Contact our design team for further advice on this issue.
  • Certain systems can be manufactured at 45 degrees to reduce loading distances.


  • Two tier racks are available in a number of spacing variants, the most common is 400mm with 375mm and 500mm also available on the market. The larger the spacing, the greater the size of bike can be accommodated in the rack.
  • If space is not an issue, we recommend 400mm distancing, as it’s both space-efficient and the most cyclist friendly option.
Sheffields Below With Two Tier Bike Rack

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