September 13, 2021
Cycle Storage Guides

Guide To Vertical Bike Storage

By Jonathan Oldaker

Not all cycle storage comes in vast basements, multi-storey parks, or large outdoor shelters.

For many offices, businesses, and residential buildings, the reality is there is far less storage space available for bike parking.

This can lead to challenges in meeting the increasing demand for secure cycle parking facilities.

The good news is there are ways of maximising the usage of that space. And it isn’t always about the volume. Yes, there are requirements to be met, but to really look after those choosing active travel it’s about more than just the bike racks.

So, how can we meet the required spaces for cycles while ensuring that design remains cyclist-friendly?

Guide to vertical wall racks

Vertical wall racks are bike racks designed to be mounted directly to walls or on to framing. With the bicycle against the wall, the overall envelope is as small as possible. With most designs you’re able to securely lock both the frame and wheels of the bike.

For many smaller rooms and basements, this smaller footprint provides much better space efficiency, enabling you to maximise bicycle parking numbers. The design is particularly well suited to smaller internal rooms and changing areas.

Wherever possible, extra spaces for non-standard cycles should be included too. While the majority of bicycles will work well in vertical spaces, cargo, tricycles, and recumbent cycles will not.

Kit lockers, drying units, bike repair stations, folding bike lockers, and more

Ensuring you park and store as many bicycles is vital, but supporting the active travel of your employees, residents, or visitors can be achieved in other ways, too.

Thinking about building design to focus on clear access to the bike store is a good start. Where possible, it’s best to minimise heavy doors and tight corridors. Adding wayfinding and graphics can transform darker, cold rooms into pleasant, welcoming spaces.

If your storage is external, there’s no need to hide it away. With green roofing and different cladding options, cycle shelters can form part of—and add to—the existing architecture.

Bike repair stations occupy little space but offer anyone cycling big benefits. Because they allow people to fix and tune their bicycles, this will reduce abandonment. With custom branding options and a range of colours, they also stand as a testament to active travel support.

Folding bike lockers provide space efficient storage for an already space efficient bike. Like bike repair stations, they’re available in custom colours and are a simple but effective addition.

Kit lockers and drying cupboards can help turn parking areas into useful stores for not just cyclists, but runners and gym-goers too. Lockers for helmets, backpacks and changes of clothes mean avoiding carrying excess baggage to your desk.

With clever vertical wall-rack design, wayfinding, lockers and repair facilities you can ensure even with limited space you’re able to provide the right facilities to encourage active travel at your building.

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