July 18, 2018

FAQs: Public Bike Tool Maintenance Stations & Pumps

George Turvec

By George Hosegood

FAQs – bike tool stations and public pumps


How is a pump or station installed?

Public bike pumps and maintenance stations are delivered by courier or pallet ready for installation. There are four fixing points on the base plate that require bolting into a suitable surface such as a concrete pad. If you have any further queries on this subject, please call us.

What are the options for colours and branding?

We offer a range of colours and custom branding on all public/community bike repair stations and pumps. This is included with all quotes; 10 colours are standard. For bespoke requests there may be an additional charge. Turvec can include your logo on our graphics template, or print a custom design to your specification.

What is the lead time on public bike maintenance stations?

Our lead times vary depending on the time of year but we generally deliver to a 4-5 week lead time. However, during peak periods this can increase to 6-8 weeks.

Do the stations require electricity or water?

No, the bike pump is manual. Bike stations only require bolting into a secure surface and are ready for use.

Is there a product warranty?

Yes, we include a 2 year product warranty on all of our public/community pumps and repair stations.

Do the stations and pumps require maintenance?

Any public bike maintenance station may itself require maintenance periodically. We recommend assessing the tools once a year to check for any damage. Please contact us for further information.

Turvec are accredited by

Turvec Solutions is accredited with a number of industry certifications in relation to Health and Safety, competence and security. We are registered on all major procurement websites.