Is double stacked bicycle parking right for my project?

Is double stacked bicycle parking right for my project?

A two-tier is best used where a high capacity of cycle parking is required. We always reccommend including a percentage of Sheffield stands to ensure all bike types are accommodated. For small installations (30 bikes or less) consider a single tier or vertical bike rack.

Will the two-tier cycle rack work with any bicycle?

The vast majority of standard bike types are compatible, but for larger cargo style bikes and recumbents, we would always recommend including a Sheffield stand space within the overall design.

How do I use a two-tier bike rack?

Pull out the upper tray towards you using the rubber handles, then lower the rack, and securely lock your bicycle. Lift the rack, and finally roll back into place. The gas spring supports the weight of the bike when lifting and loading. See our Youtube video for a demonstration.

What is gas-assisted lifting?

A gas spring is an essential health & safety feature for double stacked bicycle racks. Without it, they are unsafe, and require significant strength to operate the upper tier. The gas spring supports lifting the rack with the bicycle in place and prevents the upper tier from falling to ground level.

What dimensions do I require for two-tier bike storage?

We recommend a minimum ceiling clearance of 2600mm, with a loading distance of minimum 2000mm.

What ceiling height do I require for a two-tier bike rack?

We recommend a minimum ceiling clearance of 2600mm. This allows the maximum possible variety of bicycles to be used in the system.