Can I visit an installation?

Can I visit an installation?

At Turvec we are proud of our work, we are happy to arrange visits to existing installations to demonstrate our products.

Do you provide site visits?

We offer site visits where appropriate and required. Please contact us to arrange.

Should I order online?

For 1-2 units of bike repair stations/pumps, E-Bike stations, & Scooter docks we recommend ordering online, however you can contact us for a quote if this is preferred. 

For all other products or projects we recommend contacting us for a quotation to ensure you receive appropriate advice and pricing for your project.

How are your products compliant?

Turvec’s products are compliant with UK & EU standards where applicable. We work with a third party compliance company to ensure our guidance is always up to date.

Can you provide routine maintenance?

The O&M manual issued following installation provides information on how to maintain our products. During or after your warranty period you can contact Turvec for further information.

Do your products include a warranty?

All Turvec products include a warranty which will be issued following installation.

Do you provide design assistance?

We offer free of charge design layouts to optimise the available space for cyclists, please contact our team for assistance.