June 06, 2024
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Bike to the future: Inside the UK’s most sustainable office buildings

By Jonathan Oldaker

As the world increasingly prioritises sustainability, the way we design our workplaces has undergone a transformation.

Modern office buildings are no longer just places to work; they have become flagships for environmental design and employee well-being. In the UK, this shift is evident in the rise of end-of-trip facilities, which cater to the needs of active commuters and gym goers. 

End-of-trip facilities focus on secure bike storage, incorporating high-end shower rooms, lockers, bike repair facilities, all helping set new standards in sustainable office design. 

Let’s take a look at some of the UK’s most forward-thinking office spaces and the innovative end-of-trip facilities that are helping to redefine the daily commute.

The Rise of Sustainable Office Buildings in the UK

In recent years, the UK, and in particular London, has seen a surge in the construction of sustainable office buildings. 

Designed with an emphasis on reducing environmental impact, enhancing energy efficiency, and promoting a healthy work environment, sustainable buildings incorporate features like green roofs, solar panels, end-of-trip facilities, and advanced HVAC systems. 

Sustainable office buildings, however, come at a premium, with BREEAM accredited buildings fetching up to 26% more than non-rated buildings.

But the “green premium” isn’t preventing companies from choosing green office space, with a 2022 survey suggesting 74% “likely to pay a premium for green credentials,” with 56% planned to change by 2025.


One of the most desirable additions for employers has been the development of end-of-trip facilities, which support eco-friendly commuting and contribute significantly to a company’s overall sustainability.

How End-of-Trip Facilities Offer Big Value For Tenants

End-of-trip facilities help boost a building’s green credentials, but also reflect positively on a company’s commuting carbon footprint. On top of that, more active travel can lead to a healthier workforce.

Offering numerous benefits for employees, they make cycling or walking to work more feasible and appealing, promoting physical fitness and reducing stress. 

With showers, lockers and changing areas, employees are able to freshen up and change after the commute, or after a lunchtime gym session or run club.

Bike storage utilises the natural security of the building, which are usually staffed 24/7, with keycard access behind several doors, too. This helps alleviate concerns about theft or damage, while lockers provide a safe place to store personal belongings.

Case study: Ropemaker Place

Ropemaker Place in the City of London is a 21 storey, 609,775 sq ft commercial office building, and was completed in its first phase in 2010.

An energy saving double glazed façade, 74 square metres of clean power producing photovoltaics, and a green roof to stimulate biodiversity, the building earned a BREEAM excellent rating.

Since then, with rising demand for better end-of-trip facilities, we worked for Parkeray to transform the bike store, lockers and changing areas. The end result is a state of the art facility that enables tenants to safely run, walk, or cycle to work, or use their lunch hours for gym sessions.

A new total of just over 400 bicycle spaces, and around 500 locker spaces mean there is now ample secure cycle parking, and plenty of locker space for tenants to utilise.

Our 2ParkUp two-tier bike rack, powder coated to two different finishes, helps to designate specific areas for different tenants. The 2ParkUp two-tier features noise reduction to minimise disruption, with rubber stops protecting bicycles from the scratches and scrapes of everyday use.

Secure vertical racks, Sheffield stands, and folding bike lockers make up the remaining spaces, providing tenants with a variety of different storage options.

We also supplied and installed bike lock bars, an ironing locker, a bike repair station, and designated accessible parking spaces using Sheffield stands with tapper rails.

The LUOVA lockers feature a laminate finish that is both durable and functional. With some lockers in the changing areas with benches and shoe compartments, and others alongside the bike racks, they’re ideal either for extra cycling kit, or for other activewear storage.

We worked through different installation phases, operating within a busy loading bay. This meant adhering to rigid time frames and delivery windows, in constant communication with the client.

The end-of-trip facility at Ropemaker Place is a fine example of considerate design and planning for a truly active building.

Case study: One Centenary Way

Birmingham’s One Centenary Way is a 68 metre tall, 13 storey, 280,000 sq ft commercial building that’s soon to be occupied by Goldman Sachs, Arup, and JLL.

With public restaurant and bar space on the ground floor, the environmentally friendly building is part of the modern Paradise development in central Birmingham.

one centenary way cycle store turvec bike racks

Proudly named Birmingham’s most sustainable new office building, One Centenary Way features pure electric heating and hot water, as well as SMART access to services, information, and facilities.

The basement bike store has direct street level access via a ramp, CCTV,  and bright, welcoming wayfinding and graphics throughout.

one centenary way cycle store turvec bike racks

We worked for main contractor Sir Robert McAlpine to complete the bike store fit out. Using our powder-coated two-tier bike racks, we provided 144 high quality cycle parking spaces.

The black powder coating is the perfect match for the bike store’s branding, and provides a smart and smooth finish.

With rubber supports to protect your bicycle, gas-assisted lifting for the upper tier, noise-reduced tray runners, and locking points, the two-tier bike rack not only helps double capacity, but is safe and easy to use too.

one centenary way cycle store turvec bike racks

The Key Factors For Success In End-of-Trip Facilities

The common thread that ties these projects together is a well-considered design process, high quality products and finish, and an intuitive, accessible user flow.

Understanding what tenants actually require is key to getting the design right. For example, you might have a building where there is a high demand for gym sessions or running. In that case, you’d require more locker spaces than bike spaces.

Similarly, considering future demand is critical. With active travel figures steadily increasing, we need to ensure buildings are relevant in 20 years’ time. Understanding this alongside the rise in e-bikes, cargo bikes, and folding bike usage needs careful attention.

Turvec can help plan, supply, and install end-of-trip facilities. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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