April 23, 2019

What You Can Include On An Outdoor Bike Repair Station

George Turvec

By George Hosegood

Outside (or public) bike pumps and repair stations are a common installation in new developments and public spaces. 

They’re designed to provide an opportunity for cyclists within your community to perform on the go repairs. Here are some features you can include which you could consider. 


These cyclist-friendly stations are suitable for continuous public use. With that in mind, including the most immediately needed features should be top of your list of priorities.


Include a pressure gauge

Not all outside bike repair stations will include a pressure gauge as standard. This feature ensures cyclists do not over or under inflate their tyres – a lifesaver on longer journeys where tyre pressure can be more affected.


Think about a steel pump piston as standard

Unfortunately, when something is left outdoors in a public space, it can befall damage or vandalism.

Steel pump pistons are far less vulnerable than plastic alternatives. If you want your installation to stand the test of time, look for this as a standard feature.


Steel cables keep your outdoor repair station tools safe

A concern for repair stations in public spaces is theft of the tools.

Steel cables, ideally plastic coated, is a simple solution to this. For added security, include a lockable door to limit access out of hours.

While steel cables are a deterrent, a determined individual with lock clippers could still cause damage—the addition of a lockable steel door prevents this.


Don’t forget about how-to guides

A simple guide, QR code or link to YouTube videos is a great help to cyclists looking to make simple repairs on the move.

Outdoor repair stations, in particular, require simple instructions or guidance for first-time users to ensure proper use.


You can include your branding

You have the option to brand a station. Branding can identify the purpose of the unit, which may not be apparent to all members of the public.

Branding communicates the brand or identity of a building, or where funding for a repair station may have come from.

If you’re a local council or business looking to install an outdoor bike repair station, then we can help. Give us a call or an email to discuss your project.

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