October 04, 2018

What are the best Bike Racks for an Office or Workspace?

George Turvec

By George Hosegood

Everyone knows that cycling to work is a great way for employees to improve their fitness, avoid standstill traffic and get energised for the day ahead. But for employers, having a workforce of keen cyclists can pose a major question: how can the bikes be safely and easily stored? Employers often don’t have much space, and employees are understandably unwilling to leave their bikes in places where they could get damaged or stolen.

At Turvec, we’re here to help you answer that question. Having designed, planned and installed bike racks for a range of industries, we’re more than happy to share our expertise when it comes to the best bike racks for offices and workspaces. So, read on to find the perfect solution for your place of work.


Two Tier Bike Racks

Perfect for busy organisations with large workforces, our two tier bike racks can be installed either inside or outside your office building. The bike rack is gas-assisted, allowing bikes to be safely lifted without cyclists having to struggle manually. This saves valuable space and time, whilst ensuring all employees’ bikes can be kept together in a safe and secure place during the working week.


Sheffield Cycle Stand

A tried and trusted classic, the Sheffield cycle stand is ideal for small organisations looking to provide a safe outdoor space for employees’ bikes. Each bike stand allows for the secure locking of two bicycles, meaning you’ll easily be able to work out how many hoops you’ll need depending on the size of your workforce. Made from stainless-steel and available with a root or surface fix, this bike rack is a functional and effective choice for any small office or workspace.

We also offer a cycle toast rack, which involves a series of Sheffield stands attached to fixed rails for ease of installation. For small businesses, this is a cost-effective and simple way to ensure your employees have a safe space to store their bikes following their commute.


Vertical Bike Rack

For offices or workspaces that are tight on space, our vertical bike rack could be the solution for you. This bike rack can be fitted either indoors or outdoors depending on your needs. The wall hanger includes a locking point for bicycles which is easy to access and provides secure storage. Suitable for all bike types, this rack is the perfect choice for organisations with limited space who want to provide a safe space for their cyclist employees.


Semi-Vertical Bike Rack

Similar to the vertical bike rack, this is a great option for organisations with lots of cyclist employees but a limited amount of storage space. This bike rack can hold any number of bicycles, making it great for high-density storage. With secure locking points, employees can park their bike and work away the day comfortable in the knowledge that their bikes are safe and will be ready and waiting for the commute home.

Whatever space you have available in your office or workplace – whether that’s indoor or outdoor – we’re sure to have a bike storage solution that will suit your needs. Contact us today to find the perfect solution for your business!

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