January 04, 2016

How Can Bike Storage Increase Your Home Quality Mark (BRE)

George Turvec

By George Hosegood

Thanks to a government-backed initiative in 2015, cycle storage can now make your series of new-build properties vastly more appealing. With a 5-star Home Quality Rating from BRE, you’ll see interest in your new-builds skyrocket. With the right type of storage, you can be on your way to providing quality housing, we’ll explain how


What Is The Home Quality Mark?

The scheme is a UK certification scheme for new sustainable homes backed by a third party. The goal of the certification is to achieve better new-builds across the UK. Households receive a star rating out of five which encompasses assessments for the sustainability for:

  • The home itself.
  • The home’s surroundings.
  • The delivery of the project.

How We Can Help You Build Better Homes

The surroundings assessment for this certification looks at transport, movement, safety and resilience. Ticking those boxes with secure, accessible cycle storage that is in with the surrounding aesthetic will put you one step closer to achieving that five-star rating; cycle storage is worth up to six credits.


Differentiate Your Homes From Others on The Market

With consumers looking for sustainability and longevity in their new-home purchases, obtaining one of these ratings is an excellent way to have you stand out from the crowd.

Nothing has really changed in the way your customers think about home. They might not yet realise all the potential a new-build can offer them. You can get the advantage by offering higher quality and better housing, and we’d love to help you achieve that.

For more information on how we can help, or to learn more about our role in the scheme, contact or call our offices today.

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