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Bike Parking Videos

We have produced a variety of videos to showcase the features and functionality of our products. All of these videos come from our Youtube page.

Turvec Bike Pumps | Russell's Bicycle Shed

An overview of our bike pumps in Sheffield, and Russell who maintains them.

University of Oxford Cycle Parking

Turvec worked with Magdalen College Oxford to double their cycle parking capacity.

How loud is a two tier bike rack

Demonstration video for the noise created by our 2ParkUp two-tier bike rack.

Turvec Cannon Street Installation

Installation of circa 200 bike parking spaces on Cannon Street in the City of London.

Turvec Bike Repair Stations at Peak Venues

Turvec supplied a number of businesses in the Peak District with cycle parking and maintenance equipment.

Turvec 2ParkUp in Stockholm Sweden

The Turvec 2ParkUp installed in Stockholm Sweden by Klaver SE. Klaver Fietsparkeren are the European manufacturer of the 2ParkUp two-tier rack, sold in the UK by Turvec Solutions.

Turvec public bike repair stations & pumps

Public bike tool stations and pumps for communal bike stores, schools, universities and the public realm.

2ParkUp two tier bike rack | Lower tier

How to use the lower tier of the 2ParkUp two tier bike rack from Turvec.

How to use a two tier bike rack | Turvec 2ParkUp

How to use the upper-tier of a two tier bike rack.

Turvec Folding bike lockers

Turvec folding bike lockers provide a secure compartment to store folding, Brompton style bicycles, accommodating most sizes we offer a wider compartment for larger folding bikes.

How to use public bike pumps from Turvec

Turvec public bike pumps and repair stations provide free air and tools to make minor repair and tune bicycles on the move. See our website for more details.

Turvec Cycle Shelters | T-Hide Secure Compound

Turvec produce a large selection of cycle shelters.

Cobra Cycle Rack | Secured by Design Cycle Storage

The Cobra is a secure, space saving cycle parking solution.

Turvec 2ParkUp | Two Tier Cycle Rack

The Turvec 2ParkUp, a unique, space-saving, and user friendly cycle rack.

Turvec 2ParkUp | Two Tier Rack Demonstration

Our two tier rack is a highly advanced, gas-assisted, space saving cycle parking system from the Netherlands.