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Two-Tier Bike Rack Dimensions | Clicker Support

The 2ParkUp clicker support is designed as a quick loading system for bikes in busy environments such as transport hubs. To achieve its full benefits the clicker system demands a slightly larger loading distance than the other Two-Tier Bike Rack variants, we recommend 2100mm of loading space for ease of use when wheeling the bike onto the lowered tray. Please see our other 2ParkUp variants if space is too restricted for these dimensions.

Contact us for our CAD layout service, our design team can produce the most efficient layout plan in the space available. For more information on the dimensions required for this double-stacked bike rack, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Please see the WaveUp and T-HideUp for two-tier cycle shelters.

  • Single & double-sided
  • Trays can be mounted at 45 degrees for restricted spaces
  • Tested to 20,000 movements with and without a bike
  • DWG & BIM files
  • CAD layouts
Two Tier Bike Rack Required Dimensions