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Brentford Community Stadium

Brentford Community Stadium

Turvec have been contracted to install the external cycle parking at Brentford Community Stadium. We have designed WaveUp shelters to accommodate 186 2ParkUp two-tier spaces in the public realm. Located at Kew Bridge station the development includes 910 apartments and a new 17,500 seater stadium for Brentford Football Club.

Battalion Court Cycle Shelters

Turvec are commencing works manufacturing and installing a bespoke cantilever cycle shelter and secure cycle enclosure for 114 bike spaces. A mix of accessible Sheffield stands, semi-vertical racks and gas-lifting 2ParkUp two-tier bike racks are being installed in the space. Battalion Court is a low rise development of new build apartments in Woolwich east London, and the project will be delivered in December 2019.

Cardiff Lane Dublin Contract Award

Turvec are delivering a 450 bicycle facility with a mix of the 2ParkUp two-tier rack and accessible Sheffield stands within a secure cycle enclosure at Cardiff lane in the Dublin docklands area. Cardiff Lane is a significant city centre site of 17,000min Dublin 2, it is the largest cycle parking project we have completed in Ireland to date and our second largest international project after 11 Wellesley in Toronto. 

Bradwell Street student accommodation cycle racks

Turvec are installing 206 bike parking spaces to new student accommodation on Bradwell Street in East London. Serving Queen Mary University, the development comprises of 412 student rooms in a series of 8-10 storey towers, the bike stores have direct ground level access and are broken into two secure rooms. Turvec’s 2ParkUp two-tier rack was selected for this project as our double-tier solution, within the parking we have also incorporated a mix of Sheffield stands to provide accessible parking for all bike types.

Nile Street Bike Parking

Turvec have been awarded the contract for all bike storage and shelters at the redevelopment of the New Regents College site on Nile Street in London. The development consists of 175 residential units, commercial space and a new school.

Turvec are delivering 407 bike storage spaces throughout two bespoke sedum roof compounds, public space and a secure basement cycle store for ‘The Makers Shoreditch’, the 28 storey apartment building. We are providing the required spaces with a mix of 2ParkUp two-tier racks, vertical racks and Sheffield stands.


Turvec installed 60 2ParkUp two-tier racks and a Tide bike shelter for new student accommodation in Liverpool on behalf of Create Construction. In addition to the shelter, Turvec installed Sheffield stands as visitor parking and benches within the landscaped courtyard.

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Key outcomes:

  • Double-stack bike storage for 60 bicycles
  • Tide two-tier canopy
  • Mix of two-tier and Sheffield stands as visitor and long stay parking
  • Space-saving solution for a secure courtyard

Products Included:

Southeastern Cycle Hubs Secured

Turvec have been awarded the contract for the bike parking in the new cycle hubs at Tonbridge and Orpington for Southeastern Railway.

Over 400 bike parking spaces will be installed in the two hubs, with predominantly 2ParkUp two tier racks. The hubs will also incorporate accessible parking stands for non-standard bicycles, creating a fully accessible facility for cycle-rail commuters, this allocation for larger and recumbent style bicycles was an important requirement as a significant number of double-tier racking is being installed. Bike pumps and maintenance stations have been incorporated to provide cyclists with workstations to tune and make repairs to their bicycles, an important consideration for the overall operation of the hub and reduce numbers of abandoned bikes.

The hub at Tonbridge will include our unique E-Bike charging points built into the secure locking bar of the 2ParkUp. Around 2% of all bicycle spaces include a charging facility, the design of the 2ParkUp allows for charging points to be retro-fitted into existing racks, allowing Southeastern to increase numbers and keep up with future demand and the expected growth in e-bikes.

We are excited to be delivering our first cycle-rail projects in partnership with Southeastern, the first phase will be completed late summer 2018.

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