Turvec Bike Detection System

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Pooling our knowledge from both the UK, Dutch and International bike parking markets, we have designed both the hardware and software to optimise the operational efficiency of bike parking facilities. The camera based system provides real time data and reports on the usage, maintenance requirements and peak times. This data can be displayed on screens within stations to identify availability to cyclists looking to park.

  • IP based camera system with IR night vision
  • Environmental sensor packs
  • Management website
  • On site equipment self diagnosis and reporting

Bike detection system technical information

  • IP based camera system with IR night vision
  • Bike bay occupancy
  • Bike bay obstruction with alerts
  • On site equipment self diagnostics and reporting
  • Management website

About the system

Turvec’s system uses camera sensor technology and our bespoke back end software to identify when a bicycle space is empty or occupied. The camera system is preferable to sensors as it keeps the hardware cost low and maintenance to a minimum.