Bikeep Smart Rack

Bikeep Smart Rack

The Bikeep is a highly secure, smart rack with an integrated bike lock. The electronic access lock is opened with our smartphone app or an RFID card issued to cyclists. Once unlocked the bar can be lowered to accommodate and secure bikes of all sizes.

Why choose Bikeep?

  • Bike rack with integrated lock
  • Smart lock access system
  • Built-in security camera
  • Zero-theft bike rack
  • Custom branding
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Zero Theft Bike Rack
- ABC News

Bike Rack Integrated Lock Detail

  • Unlocked using our app or RFID card
  • Camera surveillance
  • Loudspeaker alarm
  • Smart-access steel locking bar, no need for lock
  • Surface mounted or root fixed
  • 4 levels of security
  • Information tower
  • E-bike charging option
  • Custom branding