Additional cycling infrastructure

Bike pumps & repair stations

  • Public bike pumps and repair stations are a welcome introduction to a bike parking facility or cyclist-friendly location. These units allow cyclists to make repairs, tune their bikes and fix punctures whilst away from the home or in a communal bike store.
  • Stations are available as a stand-alone pump, tools only or as a repair and pump combined unit.

Wash stations

  • Bike wash stations provide a low-powered jet to keep bicycles clean when on the move or within a communal bike store. Wash stations are a particularly welcome addition in winter months.

Bike detection systems

  • A bike detection system identifies when a bicycle space is occupied or empty. This provides data on usage of a facility, peak times, theft, abandoned bicycles and most popular areas. This data can also be used to feel live screens identifying where cyclists can park.

Electric bike charging

  • Electric bikes are growing significantly in popularity in the UK, and charging points can be integrated into a number of bike rack designs.