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Forbury Place Reading

Secure Access | Year: 2017 | Sector: Commercial


As part of the fit out of No.2 Forbury Place bike store, Turvec installed 48 folding bike lockers with electronic OTS locking system in collaboration with one of our partner companies. The lockers are installed alongside vertical and two-tier bike storage and changing rooms.

Delivery team:

Rupert Harvey-Scholes Rupert Harvey-Scholes
Tito Vidotto Tito Vidotto

Design team:

Liam Carroll Liam Carroll
George Hosegood George Hosegood


  • Secure storage for Brompton and folding style bicycles
  • Three stack, space-saving solution
  • Incorporate access with OCS access system
  • Match colour scheme of the bike store


  • Folding bike lockers – secure storage for Brompton bikes, OCS lockers

Folding Bike Lockers

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