Cranfield University

Secure Access | Year: 2021 | Sector: Education


Working for Watkin Jones, Turvec designed and installed five timber clad cycle and refuse stores for new student accommodation blocks at Cranfield University. Totalling 153 spaces, all shelters are finished to the highest standard with treated hardwood cladding and sedum green roofs. Included next to the cycle stores are Sheffield stands for both accessible access and visitor parking.

Design team:

Liam Turvec

Liam Carroll


  • Create secure storage capacity for 153 bicycles
  • Integrated refuse store solution
  • Green sedum roofing and timber cladding


  • Timber Cubic Cycle Shelters
  • Green Sedum Roofing
  • 2ParkUp Two-tier bike racks
  • Sheffield Stands

What clients have said

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"It would have been so easy to have a bike store and bin shed that did what they were supposed to, but weren’t so great to look at. Ours manage to do their job but also look fantastic too. The design and wooden cladding blend wonderfully into the natural surroundings and link to our lovely new building."


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"We have strong sustainable values at Cromwell Hospital. Making sure we have good cycle parking facilities was important not only for green credentials, but also to promote healthy fitness for our staff."

Cromwell Hospital

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