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Cannon Green

Secure | Year: 2018 | Sector: Commercial


Cannon Green is the refurbishment of 12 floors of office space in the City of London, the Bike Club provides 180 bike parking spaces, showers and lockers for cycle commuters into the City.

Delivery team:

George Hosegood George Hosegood
Rupert Harvey-Scholes Rupert Harvey-Scholes
Tito Vidotto Tito Vidotto

Design team:

Liam Carroll Liam Carroll


  • Maximise capacity of the bike store, with a focus on usability and security
  • Ensure easy access to bike racks while parking on a gradient
  • Vertical parking design that varies from a single to double-stagger to avoid services
  • Design parking that works within low ceiling heights


  • Cradle bike rack – Bike friendly, secure vertical parking
  • Bike repair station & pump – custom branding, tools and manual bike pump

Cradle Bike Rack

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