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Brentford Community Stadium

Open Access | Year: 2020 | Sector: Commercial


Working for Buckingham Group Contractors, Turvec installed capacity for 186 cycle parking spaces at the newly developed Brentford Community Stadium. The 2ParkUp two-tier racks, which feature gas-assisted lifting and multiple locking points, provide easy-access and secure storage for match-days and other events.

Delivery team:

Rupert Harvey-Scholes Rupert Harvey-Scholes
Tito Vidotto Tito Vidotto

Design team:

Liam Carroll Liam Carroll
Paul Bergman Paul Bergman


  • Two-tier parking for 186 bicycles
  • Gas-assisted lifting
  • Easy-access location
  • Secure locking points


  • 2ParkUp – gas lifting, secure locking points, Fietsparkeur certified

Two Tier Bike Rack

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