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BREEAM Compliant Cycle Parking

Cycle parking provision can be considered when assessing a buildings BREEAM rating. Turvec’s products can be installed to achieve compliance and our experienced design team are available to give you support and advice when building to a BREEAM rating. 

BREEAM awards credits for the following:

  1. Sufficient quantity of compliant cycle parking for the class and size of building in question

  2. Two or more of the following have been provided for all visitors to the building
  • Showers
  • Changing facilities
  • Lockers
  • Drying spaces

Please note the following requirements of BREEAM compliant cycle parking:

  • A parked bicycle can be secured within spaces in the rack
  • The cycle parking is covered overhead 
  • Rack is set in or fixed to a permanent structure
  • Spacing between cycle parking spaces allows appropriate distance for loading and unloading of bicycles
  • Storage facility is in a prominent and overlooked site location 
  • Adequate lighting

This information has been published as an initial guide, for more information on BREEAM compliant cycle parking click here.