Wall mounted bike racks

Wall mounted bike racks

Hanging bikes on the wall is one of the most space-efficient cycle storage options available.

Although vertical bike racks are a great solution that can create more space in a bike store, they require a cyclist to bare the entire weight of their bicycle when lifting it onto wall. We always advise that vertical solutions are used alongside other more accessible cycle parking, such as Sheffield stands that can be used by cyclists of all abilities.

Vertical bike racks vary in sophistication from simple wall hooks for your garage at home to more secure options used in public stores, where cyclists can lock both their wheel and frame to the rack. In communal bike stores a locking point should always be included.

Appropriate loading distances must be taken into consideration when you are planning to park bicycles on a wall, this varies on a site to site basis (how may bikes are being stored? One or two rows?) a general guide of 1500mm to 2000mm is a good starting point. Contact our design team for more information on this relating to your site.


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