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Vertical bike storage – what works?

Vertical bike storage – what works?

Parking a bike vertical is achieved by hanging the bicycle on a wall or frame. The purpose of this is the reduce the depth of a parked bicycle to its height only, allowing storage in smaller spaces. Vertical bike racks are available in a number of designs, from simple wall hooks to secure units with rubber supports and locking points. When specifying a vertical bike rack, consider the following:


In a communal bike store this is vital, how can a bike be locked to the rack? Is there a locking point or easy access for a D-lock to the bicycle frame? Consider the thickness of the steel used in construction.


How easy is it for a cyclist to park their bicycle in the rack? Are there wheel guides? How much lifting is required? Will the rack support larger or heavier bicycles? Does the design allow for the parking of bikes with mudguards?

Bicycle care

The basic vertical bike rack designs can damage bicycle wheels or scratch the forks, designs which protect a bicycle with rubber supports or that cradle the wheel rather than the frame are preferable.

Installation and spacing

Is the wall or framing suitable for the installation of a rack and supporting the weight of parked bicycles? See our blog for further information on spacing and planning.