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Cycle storage loading distances

Cycle storage loading distances

To ensure cycle storage is both safe and easy to use, it is important to consider appropriate loading distances to park bicycles. If corridor widths are too small cyclists will find it difficult to manoeuvre their bicycle into position or pass each other in the store.

Loading distances vary dependant on the product used and the context of the installation.

  • How many rows of cycle racks?
  • Where are the entrances to the cycle store?
  • What type of system is being installed?

For example, in larger stores a greater corridor width would be recommended. With multiple rows of cycle racks it’s more likely that cyclists would meet in the corridor whilst parking or collecting their bike, and therefore a larger aisle is required.

Every circumstance is different, and a cycle store planning service should always be considered. A guideline aisle width for single level cycle storage is around 1500mm, two tier cycle rack guidelines can be found here.

Small loading distances can deem cycle parking unsafe and unusable, if you have any doubts about the requirements for your new cycle parking, do not hesitate to contact us.