How To Use The Cobra Bike Rack

The Cobra bike rack is a compact, high-density bike rack which is easy to use for everyone and suitable for the vast majority of bicycle types.

A unique and attractive high-low stagger and solid secure steel locking bar enable compact and high-density parking under canopies, in shelters, or within bike stores.

The bicycle is kept safe from damage and theft with the Cobra safely supporting the fork of the bicycle with rubber supports, and provides full frame locking ability thanks to the unique twisted solid steel design.

No lifting is required for the lower stagger, with minimal lifting required to park your bicycle for the higher stagger. To lock both wheels and frame, we recommend using a d-lock for the frame, with a cable loop to secure the wheels.

Here’s the full lowdown on how to use the Cobra bike rack:

Step 1: Choose a high or low space for your bike

The Cobra racks have both higher and lower spaces, which can be seen by the rubber fork sections. Choose either space. If you have a heavier bike, look for a free lower space.


Image credit: A lower parking space for Cobra rack


Image credit: A higher parking space for Cobra rack

Step 2: Securely roll the front wheel into the rubber supports

Roll your wheel into the rack so it is securely in place. The bicycle will be support by the forks, so your wheel is safe from damage.


Image credit: There are wheel supports to cradle the tire, with rubber supports holding the frame

Step 3: Lock your bicycle frame to the secure rack

Use your D-Lock to secure the frame of the bicycle to the rack. We recommend using a cable loop to secure the wheels of the bike too. (Note: the cable loop is not seen in this photo)


Image credit: Lock the frame to the rack as shown


Image credit: You can choose to fit both the wheel and frame through the D-lock. We recommend using a cable loop for both wheels

Step 4: Check your bicycle is securely locked

Always double check you have securely attached your bike and the lock is completely locked.


Image credit: The stagger prevents handlebar clashes and makes loading the bicycle straightforward


Image credit: A d-lock with cable loop securely locking the bicycle and wheels