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High-density cycle parking

High-density cycle parking

When selecting a high-density cycle rack it is important to understand the different spacing options available and which of these options best suits your requirements. The dimensions below reflect the centre to centre distances between bicycle parking spaces in various systems.


The most high-density spacing widely available on two-tier racks and a selection of single level systems. 375mm spacing prevents handlebars from clashing through high-low arrangement of spaces, but larger bicycles with panniers would not find this the most user-friendly arrangement.


This is the optimum spacing to accommodate bicycles of all sizes. If the area for the racks will permit 400mm spacing, we recommend it over 375mm for its added user-friendliness.


This larger spacing is available on a number of two-tier racks, and allows significant distance for cyclists to park their bicycles with no chance of the handlebars clashing between spaces.