The Folding Bike Locker

Folding bikes are now a common site in towns and cities, a popular commuter bike they make multi-modal journeys simple, allowing cyclists to take their bike onto a train or bus, continuing their journey at each end on two wheels. Although these innovative designs bring security benefits, as the bike can be taken with a cyclist wherever they go, it is a more appealing prospect to have a purpose built facility in which to store the bike at the end of a journey.

Folding bike lockers are therefore a great solution, providing a lockable compartment to store a bicycle, helmet and kit bag. They are a necessity in a bike store if the needs of all cyclists are to be accommodated. A space-saving solution, they are supplied in stacks of three, parking three bikes in a relatively small footprint and can be integrated with existing key fobs or electronic lock systems for consistency across a site.

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