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Draft New London Plan Cycle Parking

Draft New London Plan Cycle Parking

The London Plan outlines minimum cycle parking requirements within London. The bike storage numbers are calculated by number of bedrooms in residential units, and sqm in commercial developments. The Draft New London Plan outlines increases in the previous London Plan, and below Turvec have identified what we believe are the most notable changes.

  1. 1.5 bike spaces would be required for a 1 bedroom dwelling, rather than the current 1:1 ratio for 1 beds. 
  2. Commercial sees a proposed increase of 1 bike per 75sqm, rather than 1 bike per 90sqm in the current London Plan. 

These changes will have an impact on the space required for bike parking in larger developments, and focus should remain on providing usable, correctly spacing bike stores rather than reducing spacing to meet these requirements. 

For further guidance, TFL also provide the London Cycling Design Standards