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Cycle parking dimensions

Cycle parking dimensions

When planning the layout of a cycle store, the determining factor for spacing is the size of a bicycle. Internationally recognised standards for the size of a bicycle are as follows:

1800mm long, 1200mm high and 700mm wide.

Although a number of bicycle designs are smaller than this, when designing a store there should always be allowance for bicycles of all sizes or a parking space cannot be considered to have been provided.

To accommodate bicycles in a higher density format than the width that handlebars require, spaces must be staggered in a high-low positioning to prevent ‘clashing points’. The higher space should be 200-300mm higher than the lower space, this will prevent handlebar clashes and allow bicycles to be parked closer together, saving space.

From this data, it can be calculated that two-tier racks require a minimum height of 2600mm. If one large bicycle is parked above another (2400mm) the next space in the row must be staggered higher than the last to prevent clashing points as discussed above. This data determines the ceiling height required for double-stacker parking to be 2600mm.

If you have any questions regarding cycle parking dimensions for your project contact a member of our team for advice and planning assistance.