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Bike rack required dimensions

Bike rack required dimensions

The footprint, dimensions and loading distance required for a bike rack is determined by the dimensions of a bicycle, and the angle in which the bike is parked. See our previous post on bicycle dimensions for more information. 

Horizontal bike storage:

  • Horizontal racks store a bicycle conventionally on both wheels, racks with this positioning therefore require the full length of a bicycle for storage.
  • Rack types: Sheffield hoops, Cobra racks, recumbent parking, E-Bike stations.
  • Requirement: 1800mm – 2000mm footprint, 1500mm loading distance.

Vertical bike storage:

  • Vertical racks store a bicycle at 90 degrees, vertically on a wall or frame. This depth required for these racks is determined by the height of a bicycle, this is internationally recognised as 1200mm for larger bikes.
  • Rack types: Secure vertical racks, Cradle racks, wall hangers.
  • Requirement: 1200mm footprint, 1500mm loading distance. 2200mm ceiling height (for staggered racks).

Semi-vertical bike storage:

  • Semi-vertical racks store a bicycle at an angle, this reduces the required headroom for vertical racks whilst retaining the dense centre to centre spacing. Framing also reduces the installation time.
  • Rack types: Semi-vertical racks.
  • Requirement: 1500mm footprint, 1500mm loading distance.

Two-tier bike storage:

  • Two-tier racks position on bicycle above another to double capacity of an area.
  • Rack types: 2ParkUp two tier rack.
  • Requirement: 2000mm footprint, 2000mm loading distance. 2600mm clear height.