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Bike pump & repair stations – What to look for

Bike pump & repair stations – What to look for

Public bike pumps and repair stations are a common installation in new developments and public spaces. Designed to provide opportunity for on the go repairs, these cyclist-friendly stations are suitable for continuous public use. Before selecting a station to install or specify, consider the following features.

Pressure gauge

Not all pumps will include a pressure gauge as standard, this is an important feature to ensure cyclists do not over or under inflate their tires.

Steel pump piston

Steel pump pistons are far less vulnerable to vandalism or damage than plastic alternatives, we recommend looking for this as a standard feature.

Steel cables for repair station tools

A concern for repair stations in public spaces is theft of the tools. Steel cables, ideally plastic coated is a simple solution to this. For additionally security a lockable door can be included to limit access out of hours.

How-to guides

A simple guide, QR code or link to youtube videos is a great help to cyclists looking to make simple repairs on the move. Repair stations in particular require simple instruction or guidance for first time users to ensure proper use.


Branding a station is important, to first identify the purpose of the unit, which may not be clear to all members of the public. Branding can also be used to communicate the brand or identity of a building, or where funding for a repair station may have come from.